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Use LatitudePay to spread the cost of your purchases, with no interest, ever. Get it and enjoy it now.

Use LatitudePay to spread the cost of your purchases, with no interest, ever. Get it and enjoy it now.

Good stuff happens now

Shop at your favourite stores, online or in person. Buy the things you love to empower the life you want, and pay just 10% upfront with LatitudePay.

There are zero surprises with LatitudePay. It does what it says on the box: 10 weekly payments instead of all at once. No interest, and no waiting for your new gear or great experience, just wonderful-ness.

Get set up in minutes

Sign up is super simple and if approved you can start using LatitudePay straight away.

No interest. Never ever

We don’t charge interest, and you won’t pay any fees when you pay on time. Payments are automated, plus we’ll remind you.

Now’s good

No more waiting for weeks for what you want today, get it now and pay over 10 weekly payments. When you’re inspired, strike like a cobra. A shopping cobra.

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The power is yours, all yours

  • Login to view your purchases
  • See when payments are due
  • Change payment day to suit you
  • Pay it off early if you want

Super simple sign up

  • Sign up in 2 minutes
  • Credit check (we gotta do it)
  • Spending limits up to $1,000
  • Buy what you love, pay over 10 weekly payments
How it works

Trusted and secure

LatitudePay is owned by LatitudePay Australia Pty Ltd, which is based in Australia. Your information is securely stored and treated with respect.

Beautifully clear

It seems simple because it is. No tricks, just flexibility and control to get what you need today and pay it off over 10 weeks.

Here to help

Got questions? We’ve got answers, read our Support section, or reach out to us. Our people are standing by (they’re actually sitting).

Life doesn't have to wait

Sign up now, and if approved you’ll see your available spending limit immediately and be ready to roll with participating merchants.

Business, only better

Business owner? Let your customers pay with LatitudePay over 10 weekly payments, while you get paid in full within two business days. With low fees, it’s win-win and more win. Sometimes you can make everyone happy.

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