FAQ’s for LatitudePay+

Frequently asked questions

      Who can apply for LatitudePay+?

      To use LatitudePay, you’ll need to:

      • Be over 18 years old.
      • Hold a temporary visa (with 12 months remaining) or be a permanent resident of Australia
      • Have a valid credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard)

      We’ll also ask you to complete a quick identification check and credit file check, so have your drivers license or passport handy.

      Where can I shop with LatitudePay+?

      Currently, you can find the list of LatitudePay+ retailers here. More stores coming soon.

      How many purchases can I have with LatitudePay+?

      At this time, you can purchase multiple things, but all purchases must be in the same shopping basket.

      Can I pay my LatitudePay+ plan off early?

      You can choose to make extra payments towards your LatitudePay+ purchase. Extra payments will come off the end of your plan and you will not be charged for paying your plan off early.

      Are there any fees associated with LatitudePay+?

      While there is a balance outstanding on your LatitudePay+ account, a $10 monthly account keeping fee will be charged.

      If you are unable to pay any instalment payment under your Payment Schedule, in relation to each such instalment payment missed, a late fee of $15 will apply.

      When will the monthly account keeping fee be charged?

      The monthly account keeping fee will be charged whilst there is an outstanding balance remaining on your LatitudePay+ account. The $10 account keeping fee will be charged once per month on the payment due date. You will not be charged the monthly account keeping fee if the balance on your LatitudePay+ account is $0.

      Do I have to pay out an accumulation of monthly account keeping fees if I pay off my purchase early?

      No. You will not be charged a monthly account keeping fee if the balance on your LatitudePay+ account is $0. You will not be charged a fee if you pay your plan off early.

      What are the repayment terms available on LatitudePay+?

      The LatitudePay+ repayment terms can be 6, 12, 18 or 24 equal monthly instalments, or such other term as set by LatitudePay. This will vary depending on the terms the retailer is offering.

      Will I be charged interest at any point?

      No. LatitudePay+ does not charge interest. Ever. If there are insufficient clear funds to meet your debit payment, your financial institution may charge you a fee and/or interest.

      If I’m declined for LatitudePay+ is there a period before I can re-apply?

      There is no set time limit for when you can apply again. To increase the chances of receiving a different outcome on your application you should allow time for your situation to change.

      If I am declined for LatitudePay+, will that impact my existing LatitudePay account?

      There is no impact on your LatitudePay account.